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Saturday, July 31, 2010

can't get enough of that Peg, and looks like Peg can't get enough either lol

commissioned by DarkVigilante
If you like what you see send some thanks to him (link)


  1. wrote this at Thamans site at furaffinity, but I feel like I also gotta give some cudos to the artist :D
    His clean look makes this piece of erotica art really great to look at. Praised his style some while ago :D Really like the difference in their facial expressions: Ms.Pennypacker is really by the size of that thing and the amount of cream, while Peg already seems to have her experience with it, and seems to thing "I can never get enough of this, always a blast".
    Really like the details like Pegs boob pressed against Ms.Pennypacker and also her lovely butt crack.

  2. thanks! I'm glad to see that my efforts are appreciated :D